Collaborative Planning with Evernote

This year I have chosen a great resource for Elizabeth and I to collaborate for planning and completing assignments. 
We have been using Evernote
This resource for a middle-high school student is amazing!! 

First, I began 4 Notebooks for Elizabeth in Evernote. 
One for each term. 
Then, I added the assignments for the first 8 weeks of the year in the term one notebook. One "note" per week. 
I then shared the notebook with Elizabeth. 

As she completes assignments she can highlight them and show the work that is completed. I can go in at any time, carry items forward, adjust items or mark them myself as complete. 
What an amazing collaborative system!!
Elizabeth can be working much more independently on assignments and can go to her computer and see exactly what is needed each week. 
I also have an Evernote app on both my Ipad and my Iphone so I can check up on progress anytime!
Beautiful and sooo practical!!
Blessings, Natalie