Colonization and Residential Schools

Excellent Learning Camp at the Campbell River Museum yesterday!!  Our Facilitator was very passionate about the Residential Schools on Vancouver Island and therefore very knowledgeable. 

She went through a powerpoint on Colonization and Residential Schools. She was very engaging with the students. It was both enlightening and saddening to see the pictures and hear the stories.

Our facilitator then had the students go through the galleries and get answers on a wide range of questions about Colonization and Residential Schools. They worked as groups. It meant that they needed to slow down and read the plaques in the Museum to get their answers. This was a great way to expand their knowledge.

They then came back together and watched the video "Where are the Children" and it was very well done. It showed the atrocities of the Residential schools but also showed hope and healing.

This was such an excellent Learning Camp - I would certainly recommend it!!