Pride and Prejudice Session #2

Oh, what a great session we had exploring the rich characters of Pride and Prejudice! First I had up on the board a character web of some of my own family and friends. 

I then had the students get into groups of 4 and do their own character web for Pride and Prejudice. I got the idea from Wikipedia and this visual

Some of the students were very detailed in remembering every one of the characters and their names! I was very impressed!!

Next, I had the students work in pairs and look at the Character Traits and Actions of any one character from the book/film/tv series. We discussed that characters are made up of many traits and therefore their actions should reflect many different traits. I had them use this chart to get the ideas flowing on character traits. Then they used this chart to write their answers.

Finally our last exercise was to go over Round/Flat, Static and Dymanic as well as Protagonist, Antagonist, Foil and Stereotypes. I wanted to have our student use the sheets from here, here and here, but there just wasn't time. So we discussed them instead and I had the students shout out their answers. 

After this it was time for another run through of Pride and Prejudice! What an excellent play that our talented drama mom wrote!

I am ever impressed by these students and their passion for learning! Blessings, Natalie

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