Grade 9 Science Co-op - Reproduction and Genetics

We had our first Science Co-op for Grade 9 and it was excellent! To start with our art and drama mom took over the beginning of the lesson teaching about genetics. First she had the students fill out an inventory of traits. 
This gave our students something to relate to as they continued through the lesson. She had prepared a graph before hand and the students then filled out the graph together based on the inventory. 
She explained how genetics work with dominant and recessive genes and how they effect our traits. It was a wonderful lesson. This has always been a little confusing to me, but I understand it much better now! I am glad that I was listening!! Many moms say that they learned more from homeschooling than in there entire time in school - I must say that I have to agree with that!
Next another one of our moms discussed abortion and development of babies. It too, was an excellent lesson. She first had the kids watch this video
She then had models to show them and she talked to them about what happens in an abortion and what stage the fetus is in. She also had our students look up several verses on the sanctity of life.The hands on nature of this lesson really put things into perspective for our students. It was excellent! 
Our mom’s knowledge and passion for the subject really shone through!!
Next it was another run through of Les Miserables. It is such a blessing to have these dramas. It gets our students so comfortable with reading in a group, being patient, staying focussed and being comfortable in all kinds of characters. 
Each one of our students knows the piece of literature so well as they go through it! Through our students years in co-op our students have become so culturally competent. They know plays, literature and have a grasp on time frames and culture during those time frames. What a blessing as they go into their adult lives!!
After this it was off to gym time. Our gym dad led the kids in a session of European Handball. They played it once last year, so it was great that they had another opportunity.

Another wonderful day at Co-op with our amazing students and incredible moms!! I can’t imagine our homeschool without this opportunity!

Pride and Prejudice Session #3 - Society, Marriage and Theme

This was by far my favourite session with our students thus far!! I was amazed at their depth of insight and maturity despite the fact that they are all 15 and under! 

To start with I had them get into groups do this chart comparing society in the 1800's to now. Then we came back together and discussed it.
They did a great job finding the reasons behind the differences during our discussion - we touched on everything from the class system in Britain to the limited ways that women could make money. These students took this discussion beyond what I had hoped!
Next I had them get in groups again and answer the questions on marriage from this sheet. All I can say is WOW - if they can apply their thoughts on marriage to their lives they will have very happy marriages! I asked them many other questions when we got back together and they expanded on the discussion.

Finally I used the list of themes on this page and I had get into pairs and circle the ones they saw in Pride and Prejudice. We then went over the many themes and why they thought they applied to the book.
What a rich study!!! 

The students did a dress rehearsal and then put on Pride and Prejudice for us moms! What a joy it is to see them acting with their peers! They certainly are willing to be vulnerable with each other and laugh!

These performances not only help solidify the piece of literature, but they help to solidify the time period, the language, the culture and so much more! What a blessing this session was!! 

Pride and Prejudice Session #2

Oh, what a great session we had exploring the rich characters of Pride and Prejudice! First I had up on the board a character web of some of my own family and friends. 

I then had the students get into groups of 4 and do their own character web for Pride and Prejudice. I got the idea from Wikipedia and this visual

Some of the students were very detailed in remembering every one of the characters and their names! I was very impressed!!

Next, I had the students work in pairs and look at the Character Traits and Actions of any one character from the book/film/tv series. We discussed that characters are made up of many traits and therefore their actions should reflect many different traits. I had them use this chart to get the ideas flowing on character traits. Then they used this chart to write their answers.

Finally our last exercise was to go over Round/Flat, Static and Dymanic as well as Protagonist, Antagonist, Foil and Stereotypes. I wanted to have our student use the sheets from here, here and here, but there just wasn't time. So we discussed them instead and I had the students shout out their answers. 

After this it was time for another run through of Pride and Prejudice! What an excellent play that our talented drama mom wrote!

I am ever impressed by these students and their passion for learning! Blessings, Natalie