Hunting the Elements - Chemistry for Grade 9

I am going to catch up on some Science posts that have been waiting in the wings...

We started the fall working on Chemistry. As our constant Elizabeth continues to work through BC Science and then we supplement with a variety of activities.

For this unit Elizabeth worked on the Hunting the Elements App. This free Ipad app has a variety of videos as well as exercises in building elements from the number of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Elizabeth went through the Periodic Table building the elements. The video clips helped us to understand more about the element itself - things like what it is used for, where it lays in the Periodic table and how it reacts to other elements or things like heat or cold.

There are several resources on the website for your use. We went over the different forms of elements.  I ran off two periodic tables and then cut one up and had Elizabeth build the table based on the completed one. I also had her use the colouring page Periodic table and colour it. 

This was a great addition to our Chemistry study! 

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