Devotions - Ideas for 2014

Each year I use a variety of devotions. I never seem to stick with one throughout the year. It is wonderful to be able to use several as the Spirit leads. I know that devotionals are a personal thing, but I thought I would share a few of our family favourites.

His Utmost Highest - Oswald Chambers over the years this has been my constant friend. I enjoy coming back to it year after year, sometimes to be challenged, sometimes to be comforted. I find this devotional both depending on the day. It also is available in many forms - a few are here including an RSS feed of the devotional in your inbox.

Streams in the Desert - L.B. Cowman another "classic" that I have continued to enjoy over the years. It is in the public domain and available to download in many places or even as a free Itunes app here.

Daily Encouragement - Rev. David Evans - This devotional is true to it's word, it is a daily encouragement! The author, having spent the majority of his life on the mission field, has relied heavily on the encouragement of the Lord. I know the author of this one personally and his voice is ever in my mind as I read God's Word and the encouragement within it. It is now available through the YouVersion Bible as part of your "plans" here.

The One Year Devotional for People with Purpose - Charles Colson - This devotional is written in true Charles Colson style with short stories and applications of verses in the bible. We have found it challenging at times as well as informative. It is definitely one to help us think!! You can get more information on it here.

With Elizabeth we have been going through several devotions in much the same way. One day one, another day another... one week using one consistently then changing again...

Jesus Freaks - DC Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs - This book, though not a traditional devotional,  I have really seen it as that. It has been very challenging, enlightening and at times shattering as we have read through the stories of Martyrs now and in the past. You can get more information here.

One Year Devos for Teen Girls - Dannah Gresh and Susan Weibel - This devotional is about living in this world as a teen girl but not being of the world. It doesn't shy away from issues that teen girls might face and gives a biblical lens in which to view situations. It is great for discussion and digging deeper. You can find more information here.

I would love to hear about your favourite devotionals and ones that you have found to be challenging, comforting or informative... 

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