Children of the New Forest Session 2 - All about Characters

Another great time with the group today studying Children of the New Forest! Today was all about characters. 

First I had a discussion with the kids about characters. Who was the Antagonist of the story? Who was the Protagonist of the story? Who were the Dynamic Characters and Who were the Static Characters? They brainstormed each of these questions and I wrote their answers on the whiteboard. I love this kind of socratic interaction with the kids!

Next we went through conflict in a story and I asked them what the forms of conflict were in a story. I then had them divide into groups and they used this sheet to brainstorm how many conflicts they could come up with. They did great! There were some very interesting conflicts that they drew out of the story! We got back together and wrote on the board all of the conflicts that they could come up with.

Finally, I gave the children this Character Profile - they were in groups of 3 and they came up with as many creative ways that they could fill out their character’s profile page. I then had them present them to the group! Again there was lots of creativity and humor today!!

The kids had their second run through of the play today! They sounded like they were having a great time! Looking forward to seeing them perform next week!!

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