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I have used Pinterest mainly for Canadian History and Geography resources as well as ideas for future High School resources. 
I wanted to give you a list of the boards I have that apply to Homeschooling:

Art Education (lots of pins here for Middle School and up)

Canadian History and Geography (a wide variety of Canadian resources for all ages and stages)

Co-op Ideas (I have just started this board)

High School Bible (I look forward to adding more to this one!)

High School History (Mainly for World History or ideas that apply to all history)

High School Literature (a wide variety of resources here)

High School Media Study (this one is going to be fun to develop)

High School Notebooking (these apply to several subjects)

High School Math Notebooking (activities for reinforcing math concepts for High School)

High School Science ( a wide variety of science activities and experiments)

High School Writing (lots of ideas here for High School writing)

Homeschooling Ideas (general homeschooling ideas)


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