Journey with Leonardo Da Vinci into the Renaissance

I am a little bit behind in my posting - the CHEC Conference is always such a busy time for me... so... Last month was another great co-op with our amazing Co-op mom’s and students!! 

This co-op was focussed on the Renaissance through a study of Leonardo Da Vinci. I think that the children had a great time learning about Da Vinci and about the incredible thought and innovation of the time. There were models of equipment on the table for the kids to look at. 

Our co-op mom did such a great job of keeping these students busy with their hands while she continued to speak to them about the Renaissance. 

Their first project was making an Ornithopter. After they had finished and we took a break they went outside to fly them. What a fun project!
The students watched this video on a young boy and innovation. They then got an explanation about Fibonacci and the Fibonacci Sequence.

The children then worked on geometric shapes. They certainly succeeded in creating a variety of shapes.

This was a co-op filled with the beauty of hands on work and exploration!!

Next, these artists continued to work on their Van Gogh’s. Starry Night was really coming into view for these students and they enjoyed the painting side by side. 

Finally it was off to the field for soccer with our PE dad. Many of the children had played lots of soccer before so they got right into it!! It was a beautiful day and a great time. 

Only a few more co-op’s left. It will be a sad day when summer comes and we have to take a break!! I would encourage you to find some other families this summer and get planning your co-op for September!!
Blessings, Natalie

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  1. What an engaging, varied, and intelligent study! Thank you so much for keeping the blog of the activities.


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