Poetry Session #3

Our final poetry session for this year! What a great time it has been. I am a little short on pictures because I got talking to our students mom's and forgot to take some ;) I think that our “Terrific Ten” have learned alot over the past three weeks!

First I went over two more of our literary devices. Irony and Allusion. The kids did great on this. I had some photos that I had run off and they did a great job at picking out the irony in them. I used this picture and this one as well as several more.
I then gave some examples of Allusion like:
She is a real “Helen of Troy”.
and He is such a “Scrooge”.
and You have to watch him because he is a “Pinocchio”.
They told me what the allusion was.

Then I had our group do this activity. It is a group poem that they folded as they went to create a poem that they all contributed to.

I had up on the board a variety of descriptive words and I had the children do their own Bio Poems using descriptions of themselves. 

The idea was from the 20 Days of Poetry that I created this  sheet from. 

I wanted to spend a large chunk of time exposing these students to Canadian poets and poetry. I chose Bliss Carman “Rivers of Canada” and E. Pauline Johnson “A Cry from an Indian Wife”. I read through these poems and we talked about them. We looked at some overlying themes and then I had the kids do an analysis of them using the same sheet we used in Session 1. 

Again, it just seemed like the time flew by! Our fabulous drama mom took over and this group had a great time with an amazing variety of poems. This session they covered:
Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
Cafe Comedy by Robert William Service
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas
O Captain, My Captain by Walt Whitman
Sick, One Sister For Sale, and Sleeping Sardines by Shel Silverstein 

Our drama mom always talks about who the author was, what their childhood and life was like, what influenced them, what was their faith, and what was happening in the world at that time.  Then they talk about what the poet was saying in his poem. 

Blessings to our drama mom!! Blessings to the Terrific Ten!! Looking forward to our next adventure together!! Natalie