English from the Roots Up

I wanted to do a quick review on English from the Roots Up.
I know this is an “oldie goldie” resource, however, it has been a great additon to Little One’s Language Arts program.I feel that many of the benefits have been tangible - ie - building vocabulary. I also feel that Little One has also just got a much better understanding of words in general. 
Words can be so confusing - the meaning - why they are the way they are - especially in the English language. I think that this program points out with ease how words come from somewhere, they come from roots of other words, they combine together to make new words. Each day Little One goes through 3 roots. We discuss them, look at the words that come from that root and then she does the notebooking pages that we purchased here

She finds the word that sticks out for her and draws a visual that represents that root word.
When our daughter finishes the first volume we will go on to the second. 

Many times we have been reading and come across a word that has been complicated but stemmed from one of our roots. This has helped Little One and sometimes myself discern the meaning. I recommend this resource highly for vocabulary development, word study and an opportunity to understand the English Language just a little bit better.

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