Ancient Architecture Co-op

We had another amazing co-op yesterday. We are now studying Greece. I decided to make this month as a study of Ancient Architecture. What a fabulous time it was!!
First I taught the children about architecture through this article.
After we had discussed the types of columns, I had them use this image to colour, cut out and attach to a paper towel roll. This I was hoping would be a reminder for the children to remember the three major types of columns in Ancient Greece. 

I went to various books in our library, as well as online and found examples of each type of Architecture in different temples of different eras. 
We talked about the amazing abilities of the Greek builders including the bowing of the columns to make them look straight from a distance. 
I had sent out a link to Secrets of the Parthenon that the children could watch ahead of time about the work that they are doing on the Parthenon as they restore it. Little One really enjoyed the video. It put the ancient architecture into a modern context. 
The greatest part of the day for me was seeing the children using very different mediums to work on creating their own Parthenon’s (or other temples). They all worked collaboratively and it was really special to see their amazing work during both the process and in the end!! 

Several boys worked together on Minecraft and created Parthenons. They were very impressive based on the short time that they had to work on them!

Several of the girls worked on a Model Magic Temple of Nike. They then made a spoof from it and modelled the “royal shoe” which was inside the temple - they even had a guard inside to guard the temple. 

Another family had been working on their Parthenon before they came and had built it with their Dad and friends. They brought Lego along and set up a scene and performed for us the Battle of Marathon.

Another group of 3 boys did an amazing job of Architecture using cardboard, paper towel rolls and a hot glue gun!

Another group worked on this model. Which was quite a challenge! I am looking forward to seeing it next month!!

This was such a beautiful time seeing all the collaboration taking place. I really saw the children problem solving, creating together, supporting each other and above all building each other up!!
Co-ops are such a lovely way for children to learn and share together!! I am so blessed with our group and their commitment! Blessings!!

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