Paper Fashions

Our daughter loves a variety of art! Art is her passion and the place that she can get lost in for many hours without ever looking at the clock. There have been many art projects she has created over the years so I am going to share in several different posts. 
She has had such a great time for the past year or two with Paper Fashions. She has made a variety of “fashions” and keeps them all in a binder with photo album pages. 

She has enjoyed several different sets including this set:
and this set:
She has enjoyed exploring many different textures and patterns. I think that this has prepared her for sewing and making other craft items. She loves to go into the fabric store and look at the variety of fabric. She loves to imagine what a pattern would look like in a certain fabric. 

Her esthetic nature fuels this love of fabrics, colours, patterns. Paper fashions is a way to fuel that love of the esthetic without buying out the fabric store. She can experiment with a variety of “fabrics” and styles. 

These are one of those art projects that is inspirational for awhile, then gets put away, then one day gets opened up again and more styles are made, then it is put away again! Each time it comes out a new skill seems to emerge. The styles get more elaborate and more intricate. 


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  1. We just found out that Klutz also makes "Paper Fashions Yesterday". These are well worth checking out for History projects!!


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