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The very best feature of Webspiration in my opinion is the "one-click" outline. The program allows you to freely flow between a diagram view of your project and an outline view. I have found with my children that one view has helped them clarify the other and vice versa. You don't need to perfect your graphic view in order to perfect your outline, you can work on both simultaneously. This is such a wonderful feature.
After reading "The Saturdays" by Elizabeth Enright here is our daughter's Saturday both in a graphic and outline form (my apologies for my scanner!!).
To change the form, on the far left of the toolbar there is a button with an A and a rotated = sign.  That will change your document to the view you choose.

Graphic View

Outline View
Webspiration can start you out in the diagram view, but if your student works better getting the words down first I would say, start with the outline.
Webspiration allows you to add your own graphics as well. In the edit drop down menu there is a insert graphic button. That allows you to insert a graphic from a file or a URL.
On the bottom of the screen is the toolbar to "gussy up" your project with fonts, fill colours, text colours etc. This will help to personalize the project.
This project is basic in that respect but our daughter worked independently on this. She then took her outline and was able to write her narrative on "My Saturday" with a great outline to keep her focussed.

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