Is it Important to Compare?

I think that for our children and even for us, comparison helps us to see God’s hand in our lives and His provision for us. It also gives us a chance to look at how thankful we are being as we live each day. Last year we read Madeline Takes Command by Ethel C. Brill. 

I read this aloud to our daughter and the discussions were very rich as we talked about Madeline’s life compared to hers. There was such a stark contrast between the live’s led. Putting it down on paper really made our "little one" think of her life and the ways that she was blessed. 

We also read from The Breadwinner last year. This was another opportunity to look at life in Afghanistan compared to our middle class life in Canada. (I will post more on our study of Afghanistan soon) 

As we read these books aloud and discussed them I found myself so thankful to God for my own innocent, carefree childhood. It was natural as we compared ourselves to the characters in these books, we found God’s ever present hand. 

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