Using Smilebox and Playmobil for Book Report Fun!

This is another one of those If I had been blogging when... posts.

I read to our daughter Apple Bough by Noel Steatfield and she decided to do a project using and Playmobil.

On Smilebox there are many templates that you can use for school projects. For this book "Little one" decided to do a newspaper for one and a photo collage for the other. She gathered the playmobil and made many different scenes of the book. This was a lot of fun.

After she did these projects she forwarded them to our teacher. 

Since this creative endeavour our daughter has made many other educational Smileboxes. They are a great way to do a project!

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  1. It really doesn’t matter what the child is interested in. Playmobil’s range includes the fantastical and the mundane, meaning concrete trucks are just as readily available as a knight in shining armour.


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