The Baldwin Project and Heritage History

We have enjoyed many titles over the years from Yesterdays Classics/ The Baldwin Project and are looking forward to using Heritage History.
The reasons I have really enjoyed investing in these books are:
The natural way that God is woven into the books
How the morality of the characters are very clearly presented
The depth of the stories
The fascinating facts about nature, history and people we have learned from reading these books
Both the Baldwin Project/Yesterdays Classics and Heritage History now have Ebooks available. The cost is very reasonable.
You still have the option to read the books on both these sites for free! The Baldwin Project even allows you to print the books without a charge!
Here are just a few of the titles we have enjoyed from The Baldwin Project.

Among the _______ people by Clara Dillingham Pierson ( these were wonderful to learn about animals in their habitats)

Fifty Famous Stories by James Baldwin (and his other Famous Stories titles-these were fascinating short biographies that we read more than once!)
Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall (our daughter loved the way this book was written)

The Burgess Bird Book by Thornton Burgess (and many other titles) Thornton Burgess is a master at weaving a story but teaching about animals at the same time.
The "Twins" series by Lucy Fitch Perkins (great stories about children from foreign lands)
The Blue Fairy Book by Andrew Lang (wonderful, rich fairy tales but not for the faint of heart!)
The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin (a great story with a moral)
Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb (we used these just last year for a study of Shakespeare)

Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare by E B Nesbit (we enjoyed these interpretations as well)
Viking Tales by Jeannie Hall (this book was great for our study of Vikings)
Stories of Robin Hood told to Children by HE Marshall (two years ago we did a literature unit of Robin Hood using this book)

This year we are going to be using more titles from both of these sites as they have extensive collections for Egypt, Greece and Rome. We are looking forward to using them next year as well - they both have many titles that will be fabulous for our year in the Middle Ages.
I will keep you posted of our some favourites! Blessings!

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