Renaissance Art with I, Juan de Pareja - Mentor Mob

We have just finished up our unit on Renaissance Art using the novel I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino. This is a wonderful story of Juan de Pareja in 1600's Renaissance Spain who becomes the slave of Diego Velazquez. It is a heartwarming story with lots of opportunity for discussion. It is a story of Juan de Pareja's devotion to God, his master and art. I can highly recommend it!!

I have put together a Mentor Mob based on the study. We didn't get to everything here and we used some of our own resources, but I thought that I would share it with you. We did do most of the Glencoe Novel Study, some of the research and the sheet I put together for Elements of Art comparing Velazquez's art to a piece of modern art. For Elizabeth (and myself) Juan de Pareja won hands down!

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I hope you enjoy! Let me know how it goes, Blessings, Natalie

Volume and Surface Area of Prisms - Mentor Mob

Here is our next Mentor Mob including Volume and Surface area of Rectangular Prisms, Right Triangular Prisms and Cylinders.
Elizabeth has been working through this and doing the embedded worksheets after watching the videos and doing the projects.
This Mentor Mob also includes the use of nets.
Enjoy!! Natalie

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HCS Learning Commons - Author Bios

One of the great gifts that God has given me is being part of the Learning Commons at Heritage Christian Online School. I have had the great fun with the help of my co-workers writing bios for our monthly newsletter - based on author birthdays that month. I thought that I would share the last two of those with you - just in case you don’t get our newsletter. 

March Awakenings - Randolph Caldecott and the Caldecott Caldecott Medal Winners.

February Musings - Charles Dickens


Online Textbooks for Grade 9 English

Nelson Literacy has launched 4 new interactive Grade 9 textbooks through ITunes. I have downloaded these and Elizabeth is going to use them next year. They are very interactive with online quizzes, fill in the blank questions that you can mail to a teacher (or yourself!), videos, interactive assignments and lots of variety in both fiction and non fiction writings. One thing that is so wonderful about these ibooks is that they are Canadian!! What a blessing for those of us who search for Canadian materials!! 
The titles are: 

These are available only on Ipads but they are well worth looking at if you get a chance. One of the great features is that these books include audio for each of the stories, articles, poems etc. This opens these books for use by a wide variety of students.
Let me know what you think!