Discovery Education - Videos...but so much more!!!

I wanted to highlight Discovery Education today and the amazing resource that it is! I think that if I was only allowed one subscription, one outside resource other than books I would hands down choose Discovery. We continue to use it in our homeschool extensively! I have written about Discovery before, but it bears repeating....

Discovery has many amazing video series - there is no doubt about that! We have used such a large variety of the videos over the years. At the end of this post I will highlight just a few of them we have used through links to past posts.

But, my friends, Discovery Education is so much more!!

Standards Search

I have used the Curriculum Standards search so many times to find that perfect video to fill in that outcome or outcomes that we need some inspiration around. It is correlated to your own province (or state) and according to our PLO’s. What a beautiful thing it is to be able to look up an outcome, find the related videos, find the ones that have teacher guides or blackline masters and be on your way. 

My Content

In the past two or three years I have really begun to use the My Content feature. This has allowed me over the summer to gather relevant videos to Elizabeth’s school year and have them organized by subject. I have found this to make it so much easier in the fall - I don’t really have to look up many videos as I have them there waiting for us!

Canadian Atlas

World Atlas

I have used both the Canadian and the World Atlas many times. Especially for those Canadian History years and in Grade 6 studying other cultures. It makes it so easy - just click on the province or country and see the video clips that are available from that location. Very easy and a real blessing. The Canadian Atlas combined with The Kids Book of Canada and maybe even some provincial lapbooks would be a great study of Canadian Geography!

Calendar of Events

I have used from time to time the Calendar feature to find some interesting people and events to study month by month. I really like the Biography section and the Language Arts sections!

Teacher Centre including Thematic Focus and Lesson Plan Library

I have also used both the Lesson Plan Library and the Thematic Focus sections. These lessons though many times are more classroom geared, there are some really great ideas that can be applicable to homeschooled students. I have found some really wonderful resources this way. 

I hope that this inspires you to use Discovery for more than "just the occasional video". Blessings!! Natalie

Our list of great videos from over the years:

Around the World in 80 Days Unit Study Guide

Around the World in 80 Days Kit

This guide is for BC Grade 6 Social Studies as well using the Trail Guide to Geography and the book Around the World in 80 Days. This guide will allow you the flexibility of choosing the countries that you want to study and then providing resources in order to do just that! Though the above guide is written for BC, this study could certainly be used by anyone that is interested in a sweeping study of the geography of the world. Blessings, Natalie

Afghanistan Kit Guide based on the Breadwinner

Afghanistan Kit

Last summer I had the joy of writing several kits for the HCOS Learning Commons. Writing this guide for Afghanistan was very rewarding. This guide is written to correspond with the British Columbia Grade 6 Learning Outcomes but could be used by anyone wanting to do an Afghanistan study.
This kit on Afghanistan is based on the book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. There is much to be learned about the culture, laws, human rights and the daily life in Afghanistan. We enjoyed this study so much when Elizabeth was in Grade 6. The discussions were rich and the comparisons to Canada were very stark. There is much to be learned here!!
Blessings! Natalie