Titanic Study “Carpe Diem” - Seize the Day!

This week we ended up taking time to to seize the opportunity to study the Titanic. I didn’t have it planned but when our daughter showed signs of really wanting to look into the Titanic more, I thought in my head... but our plan... and then I thought...why not!

Pass from the Museum Exhibit

We had enjoyed years ago going to our BC Royal Museum for an amazing exhibit of the Titanic. The wonderful part was that you were given a boarding pass as one of the passengers and you got to see where you would have slept, where and what you would have eaten and what you would have done on the Titanic. Then at the end you could match up your boarding pass with the manifest to see if you had survived the disaster or not. 
“Little One” remembered that time and rekindled an interest with the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

Narration after Museum Trip
We are reading this book which was on sale this week at Costco. We are reading some together and then “Little One” takes the book away to her room and pours over the pictures and what is happening on those pages.

We watched this documentary from The Passionate Eye at the CBC (it may only be available to Canadians). We learned about the crew of the ship, we learned how they lost their lives so that more “above” could live. We also learned how they powered the ship. I don’t think we had really thought about that aspect of the voyage before.
We read several articles from this site:
We reviewed Primary sources and secondary sources and looked at the inaccuracies of the early articles. This was interesting and very eye opening for our daughter that news articles could be so untrue.
Our daughter also watched two videos from Discovery Education (you will need a login):
She also took a look at these pictures from the National Geographic site. 
Lately, when I come across a current event or something interesting I have been emailing it to our daughter. She then opens her email and there are pictures for her to look at, articles to read or craft ideas. Anything at the time that I might think, hmmm... she might be interested in this. I don’t see this as assigned reading but more hopefully Inspired Reading! The Titanic photos I sent her spurred on an interest in once again learning more...
I took a look at these unit studies to see if there were things that I could glean from them.
This one from The Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine. And this one from The Living Books Curriculum. 
There are many more great resources that we can explore. We have a few documentaries on the shelf, but "little one" is feeling that they get depressing after awhile. All of the stories about real people with real families not surviving. The true meaning of tragedy. What great discussions we have been having about life, death, eternal life and salvation!