I just wanted to give you a quick review on a great new resource that we are using.
This resource would be for Middle School and up. It is a wide variety of instructional videos that allow you to see, hear and experience a lesson. We have been using it for the remainder of this year as a supplement, but next year, we will use it much more in earnest. has video lessons using instructional white boards as well as some of the lessons including PDF assignments. Each of the lessons we have engaged in so far, have included all of the slides from the sessions. This is helpful for our math notebook in  using formulas etc. has a wide variety of topics including many on Computer programming and Software use. There is also Mathematics, Language Arts, Sciences and much more. 
They are well laid out for the student and the parent. These lessons in combination with our other resources are going to really help with instruction as Elizabeth goes into Grade 9 next year and the topics of study become more and more challenging. 
We are so blessed in homeschooling today. There are many resources to use that God has provided. 

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