Pearson Education Social Studies E Textbooks

Oh, I am so excited!! It is not really like me to get super excited about a textbook but this one is different!! Really different!!
Pearson now has some of our BC Social Studies Textbooks (and a wide variety of other ones that are applicable to most provinces in Canada) in E Textbook form. 
Let me give you some of the amazing advantages:
  1. They are available both online or you can download chapters on your tablet for offline use.
  2. They have many web links spread throughout the textbook for you to learn more. 
  3. The quality of graphics is excellent. Several of these texts have been updated.
  4. There are blackline masters that go along with each chapter for you to run off and use. There are also general ones if you need them.
  5. There is an interactive glossary. 
  6. It is easy to navigate and you can make notes or create bookmarks as you read through the text. 
  7. The cost is incredibly reasonable! See for yourself here!

You can order these textbooks as well as ones for Grades 10-12 online and very soon afterward you will get a login in the mail. Download the App here for Apple and here for Android and away you go!! You have one year of access to the textbook. Even though we are almost finished Social Studies for the year, I wanted to check out the textbook for Grade 8. I am so glad that I did. We will finish our studies using this text and the resources within it. And I will definitely be ordering the text for Grade 9!
Blessings, Natalie!