Update on using Three Ring

I have continued to use Three Ring this term as Elizabeth’s ongoing portfolio and it has been so worth it! When I posted here, I had just begun - now I use it several times every week in some capacity to let our support teacher know what Elizabeth is up to. 
Here are some of the features that I like about it:

  1. It is simple to use. Add your sample, tag it, write your notes and away you go!
  2. Flexible - you can add as many subjects and tags as you would like. You can break it down however it works for you! You can also add multiple students!
  3. Variety - you can add pictures, documents, audio or video. This we have taken advantage of - especially in adding documents! Our support teacher can then go in and download them herself if she would like a hard copy.
  4. I really like the ongoing chronological nature of this type of reporting. We can look back on what Elizabeth has accomplished and it is exciting to see! We certainly don't upload everything to Three Ring, but we do upload what is a sample of what Elizabeth is doing.

However you want to set up your account is up to you. There is an ability to use the Teacher/Parent accounts. I however, have chosen to use Three Ring as an opportunity for our support teacher and us to share an account, share the notes and share the comments and communication.
This has been great!! At our first portfolio time this year... no stress, no pressure, just a nice cup of tea with our support teacher... she had all the samples that she needed!!