NeoK12 - a great resource!

I am so impressed by NeoK12!
We have been using it for our unit on cells and systems and it has been great. 
First of all there is a wide range of videos available for each topic. Most of them are short dealing with a specific part of the overall learning for that subject. I like that! 

Elizabeth sometimes has watched them all but a few times only needed 2 or 3 of them to learn what she needed. They are from a wide variety of sources. She has watched Bill Nye videos, medical videos and "teacher" videos.

There is a wide range of activities including matching definitions from the material. These along with the labeling activities are a great review of what she just learned. 

The matching activities have a score and so do the labeling. The labeling activities are printable. They include an age range for the quizzes and I have found them to be challenging enough for a middle schooler. 

There are many topics including math, language arts, history, geography and a wide variety of science topics.
All this and it is free! 

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  1. We have enjoyed NeoK12 for teaching grade 5 human body too. :)


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