Homeschool Blog Carnivals and Link-ups:

I enjoying reading many different blogs and subscribe to several. Blog Carnivals and Link-ups help me to learn about new blogs that I have not been exposed to before. There are some great homeschool ideas here as well. If you have a blog maybe you would like to post to a carnival. I haven’t ventured there yet... but maybe soon! Blessings!
Here are some of the Blog Carnivals:
Carnival of Homeschooling:
The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival (though no longer posting - the archives are there):
Classical Homeschooling Carnival (though no longer posting - the archives are there):
Hands-on Homeschool Carnival 
Science Sunday
Hip Homeschool Hops
Weekly Wrap Up
Homeschool Showcase:


  1. Actually, the CM carnival is still ongoing, but it just isn't showing up at the blog carnival site.

  2. Thanks for,letting me know this - is there a site with the archives?


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