Planning/Reporting Apps 2012-2013

I continue to “test drive” several apps for planning out my year. I seem to change the process each year with additions, subtractions and many explorations.
This year I am using Bento as the base for my planning. Bento is a great database app that has so many ways of using it. In two evenings was able to set it all up and begin filling in the blanks. I like it because it is totally flexible. I set the fields, I choose the way it sorts, I decide what is most important in my planning. 
One of the things that I have always found frustrating with planning was having to tie it to a calendar. We tend to move with the tide of my work schedule and the seasonal nature of curriculum consulting. This means that I don’t like to commit to dates to early on as they are always subject to change. Bento allows me to adjust the dates when I am ready to commit to them and still have the year planned out minus the dates. This is a great advantage. The CM Planner has this same ability and I look in depth at it as well. In the end I chose Bento. A little more work to set it up but well worth the savings.
Last year I purchased IStudiezPro, which was a great app - but it didn’t work because of the fixed nature of the planning. For others it might work very well.
Three Ring

Another app I am trying out is Three Ring. It is a portfolio creator with you adding photos in and then notes, subjects, students etc. Basically it is a chronological way of documenting learning. My only consideration is that I am not sure exactly how to share it with my support teacher.... If I figure that out it will be a wonderful app. 
I continue to use Journler. I love the simplicity of it! It allows me flexibility of adding in photos, webpages, videos etc... Here is my past post on Journler.


I also really like Stickies - this app allows me to add sticky notes to my computer screen in any colour I want and any size I need. This has been very useful for an ongoing to do list. 
I would love to hear about an apps that you are using for planning and reporting! Blessings!


  1. I have been using Three Ring fully now and I really like it. I haven't found a good way to share ... so I have shared the user name and password with our support teacher so that she can access Elizabeth's portfolio...wonderful!!

  2. Well I set up my children on it today. For me, there is not enough instruction, in fact there was no instruction... I thought if I started to key in some posts that the "how-tos" may start to be more obvious as I see how the info is displayed, and tracked from day to day and by student. Natalie, I will go in again tomorrow, but I may need to ask some questions, if so I will send you a note. Thanks,
    Lori Ann HCOS parent

  3. Hi Natalie,

    Another question... would just setting up a blog serve the same purpose. I am not nearly as tech-savvy as you, but the thought crossed my mind as I think of other families who have just used a blog to present this info. How do you see the two fairing against each other?

  4. Hi Lori Ann,
    You could certainly use a blog for the same purpose. I like the way that Three Ring allows me to sort by subject or tag. It doesn't have much instruction to get you started and if you need any help just let me know.
    You could tag your blog well and it would give you the same effect. I like how easy it is to add pictures on Three Ring as well. I have it on my phone and my iPad. I like that!!


Thanks for your comments!