Why I use Twitter and TweetDeck!

I was at the Associated Christian Schools International Conference recently where a very wise man (@paulkellybc) said that he had more professional development through Twitter during his year than any other source. I began thinking about that! 
Well, I came home and began looking at more hashtags. If you are not sure what hashtags are, they are groups of people that collaborate around a topic by use of the # sign and their topic name. I was already following several hashtags but they were not organized very well. I will give you a complete list of the hashtags I follow at the end of this post.
What I really love about twitter is that it is current. There are posts that people are making now, today, this moment. It could be an old article or even an oldie goldie site but when it is tweeted it has a renewed interest - a new life so to speak! 
A wonderful thing about hashtags is the collaboration between people from all over the world who want to share. Oh, yes of course there are some who have an “angle” but there are many, many others who are just wanting to share!

To organize my hashtags I use TweetDeck. I find this the easiest way to browse through any hashtag in a sequential manner. Your "deck" can be organized to your liking - it has pages and you can organize those pages. 
Using hashtags on Twitter means that there will be lots of skimming on your part. I trust that I will be led to those articles or resources that are right for me, the rest I joyfully let go of!

TweetDeck allows me to skim, see topics readily and then go to the article or website quickly and easily. 
Some weeks I only skim one column, some weeks many and some weeks I skim over them all! 
I encourage you to enjoy some professional development on Twitter! Oh, my Twitter address is @rnsing 

Hashtags I follow:
#edtech, #edchat, #elemchat, #engchat, #hiphomeschool, #homeEd, #homeschool, #hsbloggers, #k12media, #lessonplans, #literature, #midleved, #arted, #classicaled, #arteducation, #charlottemason, #hsttd, #onlinelearning, #elearning, #mlearning, #unschool, #sonlight, #hsmommas, #hsmamas, #lapbooks

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