Art Classes with 4Cats Art Studio

Over the past 3 or 4 years we have been enjoying art classes at 4Cats Art Studio. There are several things that I like about 4Cats but I think the first and foremost thing is the owner of our local studio. She is lovely!! She is encouraging, flexible and really meets each student where they are and helps them achieve their own style in a fairly structured program. 
Horray for Tara!!

“Little One” has studied many artists. She has studied from Tom Thomson to Gustav Klimt to Leonardo Da Vinci. She has taken drawing classes and stop motion video classes, she has been challenged and learned many new skills. Some of them obvious and some of them just coming out of the project that she was doing at the time. 

Yes, these classes are expensive, but what they have provided for our daughter is confidence and that is priceless!! I remember years ago our older daughter took sewing lessons, it wasn’t the techniques that she learned as much as the confidence she gained that I felt was the gift from those classes!! She now has the confidence to tackle all types of sewing projects. 

This is what I know Little One is getting by attending art classes at 4Cats Studio! Not only a life long appreciation of art, but an application of it!!
I encourage you to have your children try a class at your local 4Cats. 

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  1. Beautiful art work!! I want to say little one but I don't think your daughter would be amused:) She is a lovely young lady!


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