Reporting and Journaling - for me it is one in the same!

Here in BC we have the great advantage of freedom in our home education experience.  In our family we have chosen to be part of a wonderful school, Heritage Christian Online School. This means that we report each week what we are doing to our support teacher. She partners with us to give "Little One" the best resources possible. It has been a joy to work with such an amazing teacher! 
Reporting has been easy for me, as even before we were in a school like this, I kept a journal. More for myself than anything. So that I could look back on the year and remember what we had done. For me to feel that yes, despite my sometime flailing efforts we were getting somewhere. 
Now I journal a little differently as I journal for both myself and our support teacher. This doesn’t mean that I write to her just what we have covered, but I write to her about our family, our struggles, our challenges and our victories. I write to her about our family discussions, outings and devotions. Even if I was not accountable to our teacher, I would continue to use a journal.
I sometimes include our math units and where we are in our language arts or science, but mainly I show her pictures of "Little One’s" art, books we are reading, practical skills we are learning, family events, field trips and just life!

I like Journler as my diary of choice. I have been using it for awhile now. I like that I can slide in pictures, easily give our teacher links, do whatever I might be able to do on a document but it has a calendar so that it keeps me on track. Somedays there is alot to say, and some days not as much. I can go back over the past few years with Journler, and see the great things that we have done and how our "Little One" has grown both academically and spiritually. Looking back helps me to see the beautiful life that God has given us!! 

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