Compassion ChariTea

Last night “Little One” and I participated in a wonderful evening of fellowship, goodies and TEA!!
It was “Little One’s” Bible Study Mother-Daughter Christmas Tea. It was so great that Lorraine and Sheila joined us and allowed us to sample many delicious teas. 
Lorraine and Sheila have started a ChariTea for Compassion Canada. They have a blog with their prices (which by the way are incredibly reasonable) and information on Compassion Canada

They showed us a video, explained the role that they play in supporting children and projects that Compassion has initiated all over the world. They write letters to children who’s sponsors don’t want to write to them, they sponsor their own children and sponsor many projects with the profits from their ChariTea. 
I was so excited that this fund raiser was for Compassion after I had just blogged about Donna Ward’s study Africa Land of Hope
It was so great for our daughter and all these young ladies to see that someone can be passionate for Christ being shared and raise funds in such a creative way!!
We all went away with tea - myself and “Little One” with quite a stash!  


  1. Lovely Natalie! You sure do some fun things. I love reading your blog:) Blessings Pippa

  2. Thanks Pippa,
    We do have lots of fun!! Thanks for the encouragement!! N.


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