2011...A Year of Technology.... What Applications for What Purpose

It is a New Year in a few days and I was thinking about how many technology initiatives I have begun this year. I owe much of my inspiration to my good friend Pippa! You can visit her here.
One of the confusing things for me this year was to figure out how I would use each of these initiatives in my life and work. I am hoping by sharing that you might get inspired as I have been. 
Well to start with, blogging for me has been such a joy. Sharing just a little bit of our homeschooling journey has been very rewarding. I made a commitment from the start that my blog would be based on our experience, rather than the experience of others. I have found people coming from so many different countries around the world to be so encouraging to me! Showing what we have done has been fun and I hope practical for those out there. 

Second is Scoop It! Scoop It! has been wonderful for me to use to pass on websites to others in a visual medium. I have begun tagging these websites and I am hoping to do more tagging in the future by grade level so that it will be much easier for you to find resources that you need. 
My Scoop It! I have then fed to Twitter (@rnsing) as I see Twitter as a quick and easy way to see if you would like to venture forward and look for more info on a website. I use Twitter myself to keep up with those who may have ideas that I might want to look at. I also have enjoyed the Twitter hashtags and the ideas that are there. 

Symbaloo is a wonderful asset for me as I am doing my Resource Consulting. I have all of the links that I use regularly on my Symbaloo. This saves time and hopefully will help others to save time too!!
Homeschool Launch has been a great place to share resources that I have made myself for our homeschool. It is so easy to share them there and I so appreciate this site!
My husband and I share our Facebook page to communicate with our friends and family. Once in awhile I link to a post from my blog. I haven’t been much of a Facebook participant, but I love reading what others are doing!!
Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype and Ning are all things that I use regularly both personally and through my work. I am so glad to have these ways of storing, communicating and sharing!!
It is amazing for me to believe that at this time last year, I was on Facebook and that was all! What an awesome explosion of technology I have experienced this year! Thank you Pippa!!


  1. Ahh Natalie sister in technology crime I love you and thank you for sharing our vision and creating your own vision!! You are such an integral member of our team and our learning commons could not exist without you:) Blessings to you! Pippa

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