Webinars for You to Enjoy!

Tomorrow I am leading my first webinar on Webspiration Classroom for Heritage Christian Online School's parents and teachers. I have been participating in webinars for awhile now. I think that they are such a great way to learn. Being a visual person, I just love being able to see things happening before my very eyes. I just thought that I would pass on some free webinars that you can take advantage of and learn new skills. First there are webinars through the Discovery Education Network. 
I have participated in (or watched afterward) webinars at Brain Pop. They have a variety of guest speakers and their webinars have given me some very practical ideas.
Another great place to watch webinars is Classroom 2.0 Live. There are a variety of leaders and topics and a vast number of webinars available in the archives. These are great for many aspects of technology.
There are many webinars from Excellence in Writing and a few from Connect the Thoughts.
I hope this gives you a short list of webinar links to get you started. Blessings!

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