More Smilebox for Education - India Photo Essay!

Last year Elizabeth was studying India as one of her countries of choice. This made so much sense as my mother and two generations before her lived in India. This was a project that was student driven, project based and was something that helped our daughter get to know her grandmother. It was a project she could pass on to relatives so that they also could get to know life in India for their ancestors. 

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In creating the Smilebox, Elizabeth used photos that I helped her scan and an article that my mother had written before she died. Elizabeth had to sort through a multitude of photos, decide which ones she wanted to use and put them into a timeline format, decide which parts of the article best spoke of life in India for a British girl, and put it all together. 
This Smilebox helped to bring alive our India studies and augment what we had read in Dave and Neta Jackson’s The Hidden Jewel. We also had the great enjoyment of comparing “Nana’s India” with the India of today through My Passport to India promoted by Sonlight. This was a timely gift that God presented us with at just the time we were studying India.
Making Photo essays of any type are easy with Smilebox. We have used it many times now including as book reports

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