Make and Do

I have kept a file on my computer for years called Make and Do. Make and Do is a place that our daughter can go anytime that she needs a project. In our Make and Do files there are patterns for projects, coloring pages, drawing pages, things to build and crafts to make. 

I got these project ideas from Dover, The Crafty Crow, Family Fun, Just Something I Made, The Toy Maker, Cannon Creative, scrapbooking sites like The Shabby Princess, teacher sites like Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop and miniatures sites like Jennifer's Printables.

Every-time I saw a pattern I thought would be something we might use and I emphasize might - I would save it in Make and Do. Many a day, when there was "nothing to do", we were saved by this file!

Now "little one" has her own Make and Do file. Her weekly ritual is to listen to Adventures in Odyssey on the computer and spend her time finding future projects that she might make. She gets her own ideas. She gets her own inspiration. She has great projects waiting for her. 

I also have a Mom’s Make and Do file which I have used many times including last Christmas when I made some small gifts for neighbors and friends from the projects that I set aside for later! Blessings!!

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