Planning For the Fall

I love planning!! I love to plan my work, and work my plan. I love seeing a plan come together. I love working out the intimate details of a plan. To begin planning, I have learned to do three things.
1. Consult God - pray and ask for guidance
2. Consult my husband
3. Map out the big picture before getting down to the details - what are some of the life changing things we want to accomplish this year
On the whole we tend to follow what I plan, yes we change it and adjust it (tossing aside a book here, adding one there) but all in all we follow it pretty closely.
For years now I try my best to plan three terms of 10 weeks each. I plan us ending our term around the time we need to hand in a portfolio.We begin a little earlier in the summer to facilitate this, and then we end a little earlier as well.We take a nice long break at Christmas time and a few weeks break in the spring for Convention and rest.
When my daughter was younger I always planned for what I wanted us to accomplish in a week like this
but now that she is a bit older I now have chosen to plan 4 days per week so that she can complete and check off what is done each day. This year I am using IStudiezPro on my Ipad:
In the past I have used many systems including Homeschool Tracker Basic , a notebook, a teacher planning book, a Microsoft Word table, Calendar Programs and the list goes on and on.
As you plan your year, find out the system that supports you and your family. Place it where you can refer to it daily or weekly. Know the direction you are headed.
And trust in God's Word "In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths" Proverbs 3:6

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  1. Well done Natalie! I love your blog! Praise God for your direction and service. I know you will bless others:) Pippa


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